Tam Nefesh (Perfect Person) Theology

A Revised and Improved Explanation of the Nature of God as Person 

(July 2017) >


        Christian church history has shown that many believers in a God or god do not believe in the so-called “Holy Trinity,” describing a one true God as being Father, Son (Jesus Christ), and Holy Spirit.  There are various reasons for the rejection of the Holy Trinity concept of the nature of God.  One of those reasons is that oftentimes sincere Christianity has inaccurately or insufficiently explained the person of God, causing it to appear illogical or fabricated.  Good intentions of sincere Christian believers in the Holy Trinity of God have evidently not much improved the clarity and acceptability of the one true God.

        The following Tam Nefesh view is offered as a valuable restatement of the nature of the one true God, and an improved Biblical explanation of the Holy Trinity of God.  The following pages are a simple summary.  A fuller analysis in book form by Tovari Eliyah is planned to be published.  

        It is proposed that Tam Nefesh Theology is a more thoroughly Biblical, accurate, and sensible explanation of the person and nature of God.  It is proposed that the traditional Christian definition of the Holy Trinity as three divine persons in one God-Being is superficial and unsatisfying.

        Tam Nefesh Theology, if it be correct, should be Biblical, accurate to the data, logical, sensible, consistent, and respectful to God himself.  The reader is welcome to pray to God and ask God to confirm to him the truth or falsity of Tam Nefesh Theology.  God should be pleased with a sincere prayer asking for confirmation of His truth.

        For this website summary, it is assumed that: 1. God exists and is partially knowable; 2. The Bible is God’s true divinely inspired message in two portions (called Old and New Testaments); 3. The identity statements that Jesus Christ made about himself are true in their content.

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