Salvation Gospel Tracts

FREE PRINTABLE evangelistic tracts for Christ (Messiah):

The following are evangelistic tracts for Yeshua (Jesus) that our ministry has been using. These are free pdf files and easy to print or photocopy and use immediately. All are salvation gospel tracts but each has an attention-getting topical context indicated by its title. Each tract climaxes with an invitation to pray and sincerely accept Yeshua (Jesus) into one’s heart as personal Savior by faith. All these tracts are English language only.

Directions: Each tract is only 1 side of 1 page, 8.5 x 11 inches. Simply print the tract on 8.5 x 11 size paper. Print more or photocopy. Fold it in half twice to make a tract that opens. At the bottom of rear page is space to stamp or write a church name and contact information.

May Yeshua ha Meshiakh (Jesus the Christ) bless and use His gospel witness!

Become a Citizen of the Kingdom of God tract (pdf)

Big Question God Wants to Ask You tract (pdf)

Church Is Full of Hypocrites tract (pdf)

Do Not Be Deceived by Disguised Wolves tract (pdf)

Fear of God Is Good tract (pdf)

Forgiveness of Sins Is God’s Great Love tract (pdf)

(This “Forgiveness” tract’s title page is supposed to appear to have a dirt stain. It represents the stain of unforgiven sin.)

Good Self-Esteem Is Found in True Relationship With Jesus tract (pdf)

Healing Love gospel tract (pdf):  Healing Love gospel tract

How Do You Want to Be Remembered tract (pdf)

Jesus Heals the Confusions of Life tract (pdf)

Jewish Blessing Benediction For You tract (pdf)

Relationship with God Is Like Magnification tract (pdf)

Religion Alone Is not Good Enough for Spiritual Salvation tract (pdf)

Salvation Is by Grace not by Work tract (pdf)

Salvation Relationship With God Is Like Driving a Vehicle tract (pdf)

Spiritual Salvation Is Like Emergency Rescue tract (pdf)

Stop and Listen to God so He Can Help You tract (pdf)

Salvation Gospel Tracts for Holidays:

Christmas tract (pdf)

Resurrection Day gospel tract (pdf):  Resurrection Day gospel tract