From Kingston Avenue to King’s Service: A Personal Testimony


Published by Divine Glory Life Ministries, September 2018. (157 pages).

You can read a free sample from the book at this link: K.S_ebook.92118_reading_sample2

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In this book, Tovari E. T. Eliyah tells the true story of his life and experiences from 1961 to 2018. Tovari is a professional Christian/Messianic Jewish minister, counselor, teacher, missionary, writer, and small business owner. The tone and content of the book applies to Christian discipleship, counseling, and psychology. In an easy to read informal style, the book was written to share Tovari’s diverse insights from his positive and negative past experiences in order to helpfully minister to readers who have need or interest in the topics addressed by Tovari’s true story. Tovari has published his story for the glory of God as the healer and solution for all problems, and to reach out to help needy people who will sincerely consider the truths and insights that Tovari shares about himself.

       Topics dealt with in the book include childhood influences, spiritual salvation, marriage and marital problems, divorce, drug addiction, sex addiction, pornography, attempted suicide, low self-esteem, emotional depression, forgiveness, physical disability, seminary training and challenges of doing ministry, financial stresses, parent-child conflict, codependency, failure, searching for a wife, religious hypocrisy, the importance of true relationship with God and Christ, seeking God’s will, cross-cultural conflicts and stresses, miraculous blessings, and much more.



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