A Prayer for Israel & Jewish People

On behalf of some Messianic Jews and Christian friends of Jews and Israel:

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Blessed and glorious are You, O Adonai our Elohim, Melek haOlam (Lord our God, King of the ages)!

Dear Adonai Elohim (Lord God) and Meshiakh (Messiah),

          I offer to You this sincere prayer for sake of the nation of Israel and the Jewish people.

          I pray that You will continue to reach out to the many Jewish people living across the nations, and in Israel, because there are so many who have turned away from relationship with You and instead followed atheism, other religions, or other idols of sorts. We know that You promised to fully save and restore the Jewish people when Meshiakh returns, but I also pray for Jewish people to be saved back to You now. Please chose out at least some around the nations and in Israel, and please touch their hearts and minds and spirits and turn them back to a sincere and saving faith in You, Adonai. So many of Your Jewish people disregard You, ignore You, and despise You in various ways. Please save some today, if Meshiakh will still tarry, and draw their hearts and spirits back toward You in a true saving faith, not in false humility and deceptive confidence simply in religious routines and rituals, but with real saving faith/obedience relationship with You, Elohim Israel. Turn them away from their atheism and other falsehood religions and back to You in Your revealed truth and Word. You, Adonai, are the final judge of salvation of all people. So please continue reaching out and redeeming Your Jewish people to what You want with them in a true saving faith/obedience relationship. And as You promised for eventual restoration of Your kingdom of Israel, please continue drawing the Jewish people from the nations back to settle and live in Your land of Israel, where they will even more fully realize Your glory.

         And please touch Jewish hearts and minds around the world and please help them realize and appreciate Yeshua Natzaret (Jesus of Nazareth) as the fulfillment of the Scripture promises of the coming Meshiakh. And You would help the Jewish people to see and understand that Yeshua is the already existing accurate fulfillment of Your Blessed Son, Meshiakh, and we await Meshiakh’s coming again. Please help Your Jewish people to see Yeshua as Meshiakh, savior, helper, and friend, not as enemy, for He was never an intentional enemy to his own Jewish people or to Your truth. Please help the Jewish people to see and realize sincere Christian friends of them and of Your nation Israel. I refer to Your Christian believers who have a right and Biblical appreciation and love for the Jewish people and Israel; sadly I realize that not all Christians do. Please help the Jewish people realize and accept Yeshua Natzaret, risen by Your power and to come again, as their help, redeemer, and Meshiakh, not as enemy.

        O gracious Father, what can I say for Your nation of Israel today? I pray for the peace of Jerusalem and the whole country of Israel. Please fill the nation with Your abiding holy presence of goodness. Fill Jerusalem and fill the nation with Your promised presence and blessing and care. Please keep Your promises concerning the Land and people that You made to the fathers, the Patriarchs, and through Your holy prophets. Please prosper Jerusalem and all of Israel economically, socially, and righteously. Please work military peace. Please guard and protect the nation militarily, wisely, and under Your mighty omnipotent and omniscient hand. Please work peacefulness among the people groups dwelling in Jerusalem, and among the different people groups living throughout Israel. Please enable peace between the communities and between the political parties, that they will work together for everyone’s wellbeing. Please heal and calm the hateful feelings between the Jews and other people groups, and work toward them so that they value cooperation together, and thus also righteous and equitable prosperity. Please provide and guide good wise and right leadership over the nation and people groups; leadership that will sincerely value You, Adonai Elohim, and Your ways and successful life principles such as are revealed in Your word our Holy Scriptures. Thank You for the successful Israelite tourist industry, and please bless and encourage that more for the benefit of many and of the nation, but please make it a legitimate and integral industry, not illegal, deceptive, and harmful to the nation.

     Father, throughout Your nation of Israel, there are many varied peoples and religions, but all people of which need You and Meshiakh desperately for forgiveness, redemption, and success. Please fill Israel with Your truthful presence and life principles. Please bless the Messianic Jewish congregations and witness that honor Meshiakh Yeshua our savior. Please bless and increase the good quality sound Messianic Jewish and Christian witness and presence; those who are loving and appreciative of Israel’s wellbeing and context and the Jewish people. Please bless and increase the effective gospel witness of Meshiakh Yeshua, and grant by Your Ruakh Kodesh that many spiritually needy, deprived of Your truth, will hear it and embrace it, for their sakes, that they might find true life in You and in Meshiakh Yeshua. Please reach out and touch many, in any religion, who You see and know need You so badly and who do not have the true intimate relationship with You that will save their lives and souls. Reach them, touch them, open their eyes and ears and hearts to You and Yeshua the Seh Elohim (Lamb of God). Please Father, do not allow the sincere and loving witness of Yeshua to be outlawed or restrained in Israel, for You are the source and promoter of saving truth. Instead, defeat the false gods and idols that defile Your land and Your people.

      Father, please give military, political, economic, and social peace, success, and prosperity to Your nation of Israel. And justly and righteously please defeat the hateful murderous enemies of Israel and the Jewish people. Please defeat the hateful terrorists and anti-Jewish others of like-hateful-heart. You, El Gibor, are the real victorious one! Fill Your nation of Israel with Your guiding protective presence, and do not let the evil and wicked and murderous one win or have victory or success. Make Your nation righteous and just within and throughout, not catering to the wicked ones, but treating all as You think is just and fair. Please defeat the crime and terrible social ills that are killing people there and destroying lives. Defeat the wicked who make their selfish gain by crime. Please stop and defeat the hateful anti-Jewish people and groups who delight to undermine, sabotage, hurt, kill, and destroy the Jewish people and nation. Stop them, El Gibor, and do not let them have victory. You are the true victory! Please guard and provide safety and security throughout the nation, and righteous non-cooperation with crime, terror, and the wicked who delight to enrich themselves by destroying lives around them. Defeat those who glorify injury and death. Father, please work to bring in the peace and salvation of Meshiakh! For we all need You and Meshiakh Yeshua desperately each day.

        Please Adonai, also bless and support Your nation of Israel among the nations of the earth. Please give Israel gracious friendship and support from many other nations, including powerful ones. Please help Israel to live and act rightly among the nations, showing good sound leadership and wisdom and integrity. Help Israel fulfill her proper role You allotted to her to be an object lesson for all nations to learn from. So please grant Israel innovation and wisdom and effective but honest diplomacy, and Your gracious support of Israel through worthy other nations. Defeat the anti-Jewish hatreds and prejudices among the nations, for all nations will eventually bow their knee to You, Adonai Elohim, and to Meshiakh Yeshua the King.

        Adonai, You have promised and predicted to forgive the sins of the Jewish people and the sins of Your nation of Israel, to restore their kingdom, and defeat the hateful murderous enemies and wicked ones. Please keep Your holy promises such as these, in spite of the unbelievers, and be gracious and merciful to redeem many many more needy unbelievers to the love, forgiveness, and spiritual eternal life found by genuine relationship with Meshiakh Yeshua.

       Thank You Adonai Elohim for hearing this prayer, and bless it and others like it from your true believers. Heal Your nation and people of Israel and redeem them. You promised You would heal those who repent of their sins and sincerely seek You. You alone, Adonai Elohim, are our Savior and God and none other. You alone can save and revive and prosper us, not we ourselves. We are the sheep of Your pasture. Please save the wayward sheep by sincere faith/obedience relationship with You and Meshiakh Yeshua. Do what You must do to save Your nation of Israel and Your Jewish people from their own self destruction by sinful rebellious pride and unbelief against You and Meshiakh Yeshua. Father, I realize that many enemy people in and around Jerusalem and Israel feel as they do because of their hurtful and debilitated life situations and misguided religious ethics. But You, Adonai, can heal those past hurts and hateful feelings through Your graciousness to improve the lives of those suffering people, Jewish or Palestinian or other. You are able to help them, and through Your wise works, make peace between them and Your Jewish people.

        Please accept this my prayer, offered to You for the sake of the Jewish people, Your nation Israel, and for Your own honor and glory and promises to not be soiled and mocked. May it never be!

I ask by Your Holy Name and in the precious name of Meshiakh Yeshua.

Amen and Amen.