Biblically Based Personal Counseling Articles

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by Tovari E. T. Eliyah, Servant-Rabbi/Pastor

DISCLAIMER:  In writing my articles, I share my sincere views and convictions. I do not claim to be a great scholar or apologist.  I do not possess a formal doctoral degree or clinical license.  But I do believe that I have some wisdom learned from the Ruakh Elohim (Spirit of God) and Kitvei ha Kodesh (the Holy Scriptures).  I just want to share some wisdom that I believe I have learned from Elohim (God) and Meshiakh (Messiah, Christ).  Hopefully what I say and teach is helpful.    – Tovari

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Why and How Belief in a Real Personal God Benefits Your Human Relationships:  Belief in Personal God for Human Relations, 4-18


Shalom Psychology and the Pursuit of Happiness:   Shalom Psychology and Pursuit of Happiness


Prayer:  A Wonderful Method for Intimate Relationship with God:   Prayer for Intimate Relationship with God


Four (4) Negative and Unhealthy Personality Issues:  A Look at Proverbs 30:11-14.   A Biblical view of the troubling mental/emotional issues of resentment, self-righteousness, conceited pride, and abusive aggression:    Proverbs 30 – 4 Negative Personality Issues


Fourteen (14) Biblical Character Strengths Good for Our Relationships:  14 Biblical Character Strengths for Good Relationships


Intimate Relationship with God and Healthy Self-Concept:  Part 1:  Self-Esteem  =  Int Relat w God & Self-Concept pt 1

Intimate Relationship with God and Healthy Self-Concept:  Part 2:  Self-Image  =   Int Relat w God & Self-Concept pt 2

Intimate Relationship with God and Healthy Self-Concept:  Part 3:  Self-Efficacy  =  Int Relat w God & Self-Concept pt 3



From Kingston Avenue to King’s Service:  A Personal Testimony (2018) 

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