Devotional and Inspirational Messages 

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a symbol of spiritual formation

by Jacques Villafana, Minister/Chaplain, L.I.M. (in United States)

DISCLAIMER:  Messages by Minister and Chaplain Villafana have good value for the reader.  Minister Villafana is a good friend of Divine Glory Life Ministries.  Divine Glory Life Ministries cannot guarantee Minister Villafana’s strict adherence to Messianic Jewish theology, worship, and practice.

The devotional messages from Minister Villafana listed here are homilies. A homily is a brief sermonic message for motivation and spiritual development.

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Homily:  Faith Re-Examined  =   faith-re-examined

Homily:  How Far Is Too Far?  =   how-far-is-too-tar

Homily:  “Life Is Like A …”  =   life-is-like-a

Homily:  Listening to God Is Essential to Walking With God  =   Listening to God Is Essential

Homily:  The Principle of Valid Opposites  =   the-principle-of-valid-opposites

Homily:  When God’s Will Appears Terrible  =   when-gods-will-appears-terrible