Biblical and Related Content Teaching Articles

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a symbol of spiritual formation

by Tovari E. T. Eliyah, Servant-Rabbi/Pastor

DISCLAIMER:  In writing my articles, I share my sincere views and convictions. I do not claim to be a great scholar or apologist.  I do not possess a formal doctoral degree or clinical license.  But I do believe that I have some wisdom learned from the Ruakh Elohim (Spirit of God) and Kitvei ha Kodesh (the Holy Scriptures).  I just want to share some wisdom that I believe I have learned from Elohim (God) and Meshiakh (Messiah, Christ).  Hopefully what I say and teach is helpful.    – Tovari

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What Does ‘Divine Glory Life’ Mean?  =   what-does-divine-glory-life-mean

How to Have Intimate Relationship with God  =  Intimate-Relationship-with-God

Possible Divine Reasons for Coronavirus: Judges 2-3  =  Divine Reasons for Coronavirus – Judg 2-3  

Resurrection Day Surprise: Yeshua (Jesus) in Transition  =  Risen Yeshua in Transition

Household Vessels:  Believer’s Sanctification in 2 Timothy 2:19-21  =  Household Vessels – 2 Tim 2.19-21   

Philosophy of Religion-Theology Model 

(an instructive diagram of religions with explanation)  =  Philosophy of Religion-Theology Model


Biblical Principles of Leadership (chiefly for church/ministry leaders): 

Part 1: Concerning Spiritual Formation  =   leadership-principles-part-1

Part 2: Concerning practical features of ministry  =   leadership-principles-part-2


Bible Study Helps:

* Categories and Themes of Biblical Psalms and Hymns, a comprehensive chart  =   psalms-categories-themes  

* Diagram of Israelite camp format in the wilderness with Tabernacle, a design that suggests various spiritual lessons.  =   israelite-wilderness-camp       

          * The Song of Solomon as ancient stage play  =  Song of Songs as Stage Play  


Hebrew Biblical holidays (High Holy Days; feasts; moedim “appointed times”) of 2019:

        Devotional Lessons of Hanukkah (Chanukah) (Feast of the Dedication)  =  Hanukkah (Chanukah) devotions 2019


Hebrew Biblical holidays (High Holy Days; feasts; moedim “appointed times”) of 2020:

        Devotional Lessons of Purim (Lots)  =  Purim devotions 2020

        Devotional Lessons of Pesakh, Hag Matzot, and Yom Bikkurim (Passover, Feast of Unleavened Bread, and Day of First Fruits)  =  Holidays Devotions 2020 – Hebrew Bible

        Devotional Lessons of Shavuot (Weeks)/Pentecost  =  Devotional Lessons Shavuot-Pentecost 2020 

        Devotional Lessons of Rosh ha Shanah (Feast of Trumpets)  =  Rosh haShanah Devotions 2020

        Devotional Lessons of Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement)  =  Yom Kippur Devotions 2020

        Devotional Lessons of Sukkot festival (Feast of Tabernacles)  =  Sukkot Devotions 2020

        Devotional Lessons of Simkhat Torah (Rejoicing of the Instruction)  =  Simkhat Torah Devotions 2020


Christian Tradition holidays (Bible based “appointed times”) of 2020:

          Devotional Lessons of Palm Sunday, Crucifixion Day, Resurrection Day Sunday   =  Holidays Devotions 2020 – Christian Trad