The Nature of the God in General

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        Whether one believes in God or not, there must necessarily be a first original thing or cause.  Every scientific theory of origins and every worldview is based on faith.  The best Biblical and scientific theoretical answer is that the first original thing was energy.  Energy is infinite and includes varied waves and particles, much of which are invisible to the human eye.  Consequently, a singular genuine God-force that is energy can exist.  Science cannot deny the possibility of God.  The original and infinite energy of the universe is what the Bible cites as God.  

        To describe this singular God, we should think of a Being who is a living or active energy force, infinite in extent, omnipotent, omnipresent, omniscient, and spiritual (invisible to the human eye).  For mankind to be what it is with intelligence, the God-force must also be intelligent, rational, emotional, and personal.

        Compare examples of describing God in:  Genesis chapter 1; wisdom in Proverbs 8:22-30; Psalms 139:1-18; 147:4-5; Isaiah 40:22; 43:13; 45:5-7; 65:17; 66:1-2; Jeremiah 10:10; John 4:24; Revelation 1:8; 22:3-5.

        We should think of the God as perfect or complete (Hebrew: tam, tamim), and the only one that can be such perfect (compare: Deuteronomy 32:4; Psalm 19:7; Matthew 5:48).  As examiners, we must think of “perfect” or “complete” as what would an ideal faultless person be like; such is the God as Person or Being (Hebrew: nefesh).

        To be the original source of all forces, laws, and opposites requires the God to be part of, yet above and beyond, all forces and laws (compare: Revelation 4:11).  God is not controlled by anything that He creates, except to the degree that He be willing to commit Himself to it.  Yet God’s commitments do not limit His abilities and activities elsewhere (compare: Amos 9:7).

        The God is a designing energy force beyond full human comprehension of what ultimate intelligence would be (compare: Isaiah 40:13; Ecclesiastes 7:13-14).  Because visible material things cannot originate from nothing, and since mankind is a material and spiritual creature obviously possessing intelligence, personality, psyche, emotion, and capability, the God must be infinite in intelligence, personality, and Being.  The God’s productivity is simply inherent; He cannot be unproductive or impersonal.  All of diverse creation results from His infinite capacity.

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