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        Thank you for coming to this page! Please consider a gracious donation to our ministry as we serve as missionaries for Messiah Yeshua (Jesus) in the Philippines and on the Internet. You are welcome to donate any amount that you like. We are grateful. Our donation system functions through Paypal. Your donation, minus a small Paypal processing fee, goes directly to our ministry activities in Philippines, not to personal paychecks or non-ministry functions.

        Our ministry is originally based in Virginia, United States. We currently are trying to grow our church we started, Shul El Shalom (Church of the God of Completeness), in Philippines, provide certain local humanitarian assistance to the needy, and continue our online ministry. Your gracious gift supports these missionary efforts for Jesus the Messiah-King.

        Please note that due to our missionary ministry functioning independently in a foreign country, at the present time we cannot provide you with a legal tax-deductible receipt for your gift. This could change in the future if we obtain full non-profit organizational status. Again, we thank you for your gracious financial support, and for your possible sincere prayers on our behalf. May our precious Lord God bless and reward you for your supporting us as missionaries for Yeshua (Jesus)! Feel free to also send us a hello message. Or if you have any other comments or questions please use the Contact Us page.

        For your giving, simply click on the Paypal image below. Shalom!



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