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Tovari & Nelia Eliyah

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This site is for Divine Glory Life (Elka Khai), a Messianic Jewish-Christian spiritual/religious growth and educational ministry. The “our” in “our site” refers to me, Tovari, speaking on behalf of myself and the direct members and partners of this ministry. We want to honor and glorify and bless our Adonai Elohim (Lord God) and Meshiakh Yeshua (Messiah Jesus) with our sincere and devout lives, and with this site, currently developed to this point.


In 1996, Great Physician Ministries was begun in Virginia Beach, Virginia, USA, by me Tovari. It was a tiny nonprofit Christian ministry that enabled me to exercise volunteer ministry and have a necessary time of personal healing and learning. By 2010, Great Physician Ministries had outlived its usefulness, and was replaced by Elka Chai ministry. The name Elka Chai is from Biblical Hebrew terminology and is an abbreviation for “El kavod chai” (English: Divine glory life).  “Khai” is now used instead of “Chai” for more clear Hebrew pronunciation.


Divine Glory Life (Elka Khai) is a nonprofit spiritual formational and devotional educational ministry, outreaching to interested recipients and learners. This our site tries to share summary of several aspects of ministry that we have conducted before or are currently. My goal for Divine Glory Life (Elka Khai) is to reach and present a balanced Messianic Jewish-Christian perspective and interpretation. We hope and pray that some reader can be sincerely and truly benefited in his/her spiritual/religious life and perspective by something, little or much, that he/she discovers in this our site. Thanks to Messiah Yeshua (Jesus)!

Personal Background:

I, Tovari, was born in 1961 and grew up on the east coast United States. By physical birth I am a European Gentile. I was part of a small Protestant Christian household and church. I eventually graduated from Christian seminary. The best thing in my life is that Messiah Yeshua (Jesus Christ) picked me to be one of the many individuals who, through faith and intimate relationship with Him, would be “born again” (Gospel of John 3:3) and be one of His redeemed (literally: “to buy back”) followers. In 2010 I changed my name to Tovari Eliyah, a Hebrew name, not to impress people, but to be more absorbed in my new Messianic Jewish-Christian ministry and outlook. In 2011 I moved to the Philippines as a Bible teacher-missionary. If you would like to read my published personal testimony book for more details of my troubled background and amazing things that YHVH Rophe (English: the LORD my healer) has done for me, I plan to have it eventually available in Our Resources. Thanks for your possible interest and patience.

Current Situation:

I am still serving as Bible teacher-missionary-pastor in the Philippines. In 2013 I married a native Filipino woman, Nelia. In 2014 I became pastor/rabbi of a native Filipino local church plant with my balanced Messianic Jewish-Christian perspective. My wife Nelia serves as the church plant’s co-pastor/rabba. Our church is Divine Glory Life Assembly (Hebrew: Adat Elka Khai). This site is the available website for Divine Glory Life Assembly.

Nelia and I are “tentmaker” missionaries, helping to support ourselves with home-based small businesses. As spiritual and church leaders, we abide in the natural tension between two roles – as both sheep and shepherds, for Meshiakh Yeshua our Savior and Beloved. It is then, with heartfelt respect to my Adonai (Lord) that I title myself Eved-rabbi. In English this means “Servant teacher.” I like this title for myself; it helps me remember that my Adonai Elohim (Lord God) with Meshiakh Yeshua (Messiah Jesus) is the Boss of life and ministry and success, not I.

Definition of “Messianic Jewish”:

Not all Messianic Jews are alike in their definition of being Messianic Jewish by faith. Divine Glory Life Ministries and Assembly are operative based upon my definition of “Messianic Jewish.” My definition of “Messianic Jewish” is that used by the Brit Hadashah (New Testament), not by some modern religious sects. The New Testament teaches concerning two aspects:  First, Messianic Jews are those people who were physically born of Jewish parentage and who have adopted sincere religious belief in Yeshua Natzaret (Jesus of Nazareth) as being the Messiah as promised and predicted in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible, a.k.a. Old Testament). Second, Messianic Jews are Gentile peoples who have adopted sincere religious faith in Yeshua Natzaret as the promised Messiah. Such Gentile believers in Yeshua (Jesus) have been adopted into a spiritual nation of Israel, having a spiritual Jewish people.

In other words, the Brit Hadashah’s (New Testament’s) teaching is not that Jewish people stop being Jewish by believing in Yeshua (Jesus) as Messiah; rather, Gentile believers in Yeshua become spiritual Jews. Being, or becoming, Jewish is the correct way offered to all nations (Gospel of John 4:22). Yeshua Natzaret (Jesus of Nazareth) himself was proud to be Jewish by physical birth, and He taught that spiritual salvation came through the Jewish people in Adonai Elohim’s (Lord God’s) grand plan for mankind. That is true! Because Yeshua (Jesus) was Jewish, and Yeshua is the one promised Messiah-Savior for all peoples and nations. So for myself and my ministry, I operate according to this New Testament definition of being Messianic Jewish; it is rooted, sufficient, effective, and powerful.


By Adonai Elohim’s (Lord God’s) grace, may you be sincerely helped in some regard by this our site. Resources and information and photos are available in due time. Check back with us often or periodically as you will. We much appreciate your patience and interest. May Elohim (God) be glorified!

Please read below concerning our Associate Ministers.

In the name and service of Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah!
Tovari Eliyah, eved-rabbi/roeh

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Associate Ministers :

In this our site I, Tovari, am happy to share devotional teaching and counseling with selected and specially appointed ministry associates of mine. I have known these ministers for years and I know they have valuable Biblically-based truths and ideas to share with you. Please find them here below, and their writings along with mine in Our Resources.

Jacques Villafana (in United States)

At the age of twenty-three, Minister Jacques Villafana, originally from the Caribbean islands, made a decision to serve God faithfully, including while incarcerated.  Since then, he has taught numerous group Bible studies.  At the age of thirty, his local congregation commissioned him to lead a Christian beginners class where the focus was on spiritual foundations.  He also supervised over a helps ministry providing care packages to the needy.  In August 2014, Min. Jacques Villafana was inducted into L.I.M. – League of Independent Ministers.  Min. Villafana is currently enrolled in International Christian College & Seminary (ICCS) for a degree in Theology, and functions in the spiritual-gift offices of Prophet, Evangelist, and Teacher.  He is also an avid writer and songwriter/composer.